Thai Tea Ice Cream

  • Organically Made (Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice & Brown Rice Milk)
  • Low 80-160 Calorie Per Scoop
  • Up To 2 Years Of Shelf-Life In A Cool, Dry Storage (0°C / 32°F)
  • Available In Ice Cream Tub, Pint, And/Or Cup Sizes
  • MUIS Halal-Certified For Muslims


    Smoocht's Thai Tea Ice Cream Overview

    Thai tea is commonly recognised as a hot or cold beverage created in Thailand with Ceylon tea, milk, and sugar. It is popular throughout Southeast Asia and is served in many Thai restaurants. It is known by many different names in many nations; for example, Teh Tarik is how it is known in Southeast Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia while Milk Tea is how it is known in China and Vietnam.

    This drink’s popularity stems from the flavourful fusion of condensed milk’s sweet, milky, and creamy flavour with the robust flavour of Ceylon tea. The decision to make it into ice cream was made by SMOOCHT as a result. An icy Thai tea is a pleasant treat that is impossible to go wrong with. Having this creamy delight on a hot, sunny day will make it taste much better.

    a hand holding a cone with two scoops of ice cream, one in red colour and one in white

    A Thai Tea Ice Cream That's Naturally-Made

    Thai Tea Ice Cream is a vegan delicacy made without chemical preservatives, artificial colours, or additions of any kind. For a truly authentic taste of Thai tea, they created this frozen dessert using natural tea plants, brown rice milk and evaporated cane juice.

    Smoocht's Gelato Is Completely Absent Of Sugar

    Since sugar is typically present in ice cream, finding sugar-containing ice cream is not difficult. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find sugar-free ice cream. However, SMOOCHT ice cream is an exception. All of their ice creams, including this Thai Tea Ice Cream, are made without the use of any sort of sugar.

    Uncapped ice cream on a brown wooden table

    Our Frozen Dessert Is Completely Vegan-Made In Confection

    Only vegan ingredients are used in the creation of this Thai tea ice cream. You may still indulge in this delectable frozen treat even if you eschew dairy and meat. SMOOCHT does not use dairy or any kind of animal-derived ingredient in the ice cream, so you may consume it without any concerns.

    Documented To Be Asia’s 1st Rice-Based Thai Tea Ice Cream

    SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd is the first company to produce rice-based ice cream in Asia. The entire line of ice cream, including this Thai Tea Ice Cream, is made with natural brown rice milk. Rice milk offers SMOOCHT’s Thai Tea Ice Cream the benefit of being low in fat and cholesterol, which is what makes it unique.

    A hand holding a pint of ice cream and next to it is a scoop of green ice cream.

    A Frozen Food Cherished By All

    Everyone is invited to try delicious Thai Tea Milk ice cream, regardless of your culture, worldview, or religion. As a vegan ice cream supplier, SMOOCHT wants its vegan ice cream to satisfy everyone, even those who shun animal products because of allergies, religious observances, or environmental concerns. Serve this vegan ice cream to your vegan pals at your next party if you’re looking for an animal-free dessert alternative. They’d definitely appreciate it!

    2 women in hijab, one wearing a black headscarf, glasses, and holding an ice cream cone, and one wearing a blue and black headscarf and holding a sleeping baby and a piece of paper, while the other is holding an ice cream cone.

    Thai Tea Ice Cream With One-Third Of Calorie During Consumption

    The condensed milk used in traditional Thai tea gives the drink a significant calorie boost. This ice cream, however, has fewer calories than Thai tea. This is because brown rice milk and evaporated sugar cane are the main ingredients. This ice cream only has 6-7% of fat in each serving and 80 to 160 calories per scoop, which is ⅓ less than other ice creams.

    A picture shows the calorie content of smoocht ice cream per scoop

    Low-Glycemic Index Trait Within This Plant-Based Ice Cream

    Unlike most other ice creams, Smoocht’s does not contain processed sugar. We have substituted evaporated cane sugar in its stead. It is a glycemic index-low natural sweetener. Low-GI frozen desserts enable customers to enjoy the delectable delicacy that is Smoocht’s guilt-free ice cream.

    A picture shows the low glycemic index certified.

    B2B Insights: Thai Tea Ice Cream in Servings

    Refer to the information below for the part of each pint to see how much ice cream our product holds:

    [1 pint (450gram or 15.8oz) can have about 8 amounts of scoop]

    [Serving size for 1 person = 4 amount of scoop]

    [Profitable margin scale of 1 pint (450gram or 15.8oz) = 2:1]

    3 types of Ice Cream packaging (Tub, pint and cup).

    Thai Tea Ice Cream With Automated Supplies Manufacturing

    All of SMOOCHT’s ice creams, including this Thai Tea Ice Cream, are produced using an automated production process. As a result, the ice cream produces consistently good results and retains its high quality. Since there won’t be any human intervention throughout the ice cream-making process, there won’t be any dust or other particles in the finished product.

    Step 01
    Receiving of Raw Materials

    The first step of the process of making the ice cream is receiving the raw materials from our supplier. We make sure to use only high-quality raw materials. 

    Step 02
    Weighing Raw Materials

    The raw ingredients required to manufacture the ice cream are then weighed. This step in the ice cream-making process is one of the most crucial since it determines the flavour of the final product. The flavour of the ice cream will change if the raw materials’ weight differs from the standard recipe.

    Step 03

    Next, we mix the ingredients until they are mixed thoroughly. We also make sure to not overmix it as it will ruin the texture of the ice cream. 

    Step 04

    Then we blend all the dry and wet ingredients together. This is to make sure they are all thoroughly blended and make a smooth consistency. 

    Step 05

    In order to kill bacteria, the mixtures are heated quickly for a brief period of time during the pasteurisation process. They are pasteurised at 175°F (79.4C) for 25 seconds. 

    Step 06

    This process ensures that before the ice cream is frozen, the emulsifiers and stabilisers are well incorporated and disseminated throughout the mixture.

    Step 07

    The ice cream mix must be chilled overnight in order to get the desired level of coldness. This is because colder ice cream bases can churn more effectively than warmer ones.

    Step 08
    Blast Freezing

    Freezers maintained at an air temperature of -30 to -40°C are used for blast freezing, often referred to as shock freezing. A blast freezer’s substantially colder temperature accelerates the freezing process, finishing the work in around 3 hours. 

    Step 09

    After that, tubs and pints will be filled with the frozen ice cream. The tub weighs 4.5 kg  (158 oz) and a pint weighs 450g (15.87 oz). Each tub and pint will be precisely filled to its intended weight.

    Step 10

    The caps will be placed on all of the tubs and pints after they have been filled. We use easily recyclable materials in the construction of all of our packaging.

    Step 11
    Metal Detector

    To make sure that the ice cream does not include any metal shards from the manufacturing equipment, all of the packed ice creams will be put through metal detectors.

    Step 12

    So that the ice cream stays fresh until it is ready for distribution, they will then be placed in a storage freezer.

    Step 13

    The ice creams will be distributed to retail branches and orders will begin to be shipped once the manufacturing and packing processes have been finished.

    Smoocht's Current World Standard Certifications

    In order to increase consumer confidence in their plant-based ice cream goods, including their Thai Tea Ice Cream, SMOOCHT made every effort to obtain the following certificates:

    halal Singapore logo

    MUIS’ Halal Certification

    The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) has awarded this Thai Tea Ice Cream made by SMOOCHT a certificate for all of its construction activities that adhere to MUIS’s requirements in accordance with Islamic law.

    HACCP certified logo

    HACCP Certification

    They also have received the HACCP certificate, also known as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. This certifies that all of their manufacturing processes are done in a risk-free environment. 

    GMP certified logo

    GMP Certification

    In addition to the aforementioned qualifications, SMOOCHT also possesses a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) accreditation. The system for guaranteeing that goods are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with quality standards is the subject of this accreditation. With this, it can be proven that SMOOCHT goods are produced with little risk and under strict quality control.

    Sustainable Practices In Ice Cream Making

    In many different ways, SMOOCHT has put a lot of work into protecting the environment. The environment is significantly impacted, for example, when rice-based milk is used instead of milk from animals. Our environmental footprint can be reduced thanks to this effort. Utilizing cow milk results in approximately a threefold increase in greenhouse gas emissions, a tenfold increase in land use, a two to twentyfold increase in freshwater use, and much greater levels of eutrophication.

    Thai Tea Ice Cream Preservation With Innate Freezing Temperatures

    Since there are no preservatives in our Thai Tea Ice Cream, chilly temperatures act as a natural preservative to keep its flavour. To increase longevity, SMOOCHT’s Thai Tea Ice Cream needs to be kept in a cool, frigid environment like the freezer. This SMOOCHT ice cream should be kept at a temperature of -18°C (0°F), or even lower if it is kept in a chiller. This Thai Tea Ice Cream’s shelf life can last up to 24 months (2 years) if it is stored properly. 

    A picture shows 2 smoocht ice cream freezers.

    Packaging Styles For Smoocht's Gelato

    Produce will be packaged using cartons, cases, or bags in accordance with HACCP regulations for food distribution. We make sure everything is still in good shape and free of flaws before and after packing the ice creams, including Thai Tea Ice Cream.

    For each 20ft container order, they will be prepared as below: 

    •   Packing: 4 tubs per carton
    •   Total cartons: 730 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 730 cartons @ 4 tubs each = 2920 tubs
    •   Net weight: 2920 tubs @ 4.5kg (158 oz) = 13140kg (28968.74 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 14000kg (30864.72 lbs)
    •   Carton measurement: 36.7 x 34.2 x 28.1cm (14.45 x 13.46 x 11.06 inch)
    •   Packing: 24 pints per carton
    •   Total cartons: 930 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 930 cartons @ 24 pints each = 22320 pints
    •   Net weight: 22320 pints @ 450g (15.87 oz)  = 10044kg (22143.23 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 11000kg (24250.85 lbs)
    •   Carton meast: 40.6 x 30.6 x 22.5cm (15.98 x 12.05 x 8.86 inch)
    2.5oz cups
    •   Packing: 96 cups per carton
    •   Total cartons: 950 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 950 cartons @ 96 cups each = 91200 cups
    •   Net weight: 91200 cups @ 80g (2.82 oz) = 7296kg (16084.93 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 8300kg (18298.37 lbs)
    •   Carton meast: 43.3 x 28.8 x 21.8cm (17.05 x 11.34 x 8.58 inch)

    Shipping Our Thai Tea Ice Cream

    Each order must be a minimum of one 20ft container. For delivery, all ice creams are packaged in pints and tubs. The other SMOOCHT products can all be combined in a single container. If needed, you can also ask for LCL. We will gladly walk you through the procedure if you leave us a message with the request.

    20 feet container with few smaller boxes


    Is Thai Tea Ice Cream from SMOOCHT sweet?

    We all know the usual Thai Tea drink is sweet so it's normal to think so. However, this ice cream is not too sweet due to the use of evaporated cane sugar. It's also low GI, which is suitable for people with diabetes.

    What's the best way to keep this ice cream?

    We recommend storing all of our ice creams in a freezer with the temperature of -20.56°C (-5°F) and -17.78°C (0°F). This will keep your ice creams last longer. We also recommend not refreezing the ice cream after it has melted as it will affect the taste of the ice cream.

    How do I fully enjoy this Thai Tea Ice Cream?

    This ice cream is best eaten on its own. But you can have it however you want! Either with milkshakes, waffles, brownies. The options are limitless as the ice cream goes well with everything!

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