Mocha Ice Cream

  • Organically Made (Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice And Brown Rice Milk)
  • Low 80-160 Calorie Per Scoop
  • Up To 2 Years Of Shelf-Life In A Cool, Dry Storage (0°C / 32°F)
  • Available In Ice Cream Tub, Pint, And/Or Cup Sizes
  • MUIS Halal-Certified For Muslims


    Mocha Ice Cream Overview

    A Mocha, Mochaccino, Mochachino, or Mocaccino in Italian spelling is a warm beverage of chocolate-flavoured coffee derived from a variant of a coffee latte. In detail, there are three main ingredients in the mocha, which are espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate sauce.

    In general, among other types of coffee such as cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Americano, and others, Mocha has a high amount of bitter and chocolaty taste. Mocha originated in Yemen, but today, Mocha is cultivated in some countries, such as Italy, (the largest mocha production), and it has been people’s favourite drink for a long time since its growth.

    As Mocha has stayed in people’s heart, SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd has brought on Mocha to join them as one of their ice cream flavors going by the name Mocha Ice Cream, also known as Ice Cream Mocha Morning.

    2 crossed ice cream cone with a scoop of Mocha ice cream each, placed in a glass on a brown platform.

    Also Known As “Ice Cream Mocha Morning” In Smoocht

    The “Ice Cream Mocha Morning” appears because mocha is one of the coffee flavours that is often taken in the morning. This is because mocha is best to have at that time considering people are still sleepy at the time, but with Mocha, they wake up again. Generally, Ice Cream is a frozen food and serves largely as a dessert or snack after lunch or anytime followed by your preferences. There is some research that proves the benefits of Mocha are it might help one to reduce their anxiety, depression, assist in relieving muscle pain and putting focus toward something.

    a hand holding a cone with two scoops of ice cream, one in red colour and one in white

    Our Mocha Ice Cream As A Naturally-Made, Organic Frozen Dessert

    This Mocha Ice Cream is made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Starting from the original mocha powder, organic brown rice, nut milks and Atlantic sea salt. This includes the sweetener itself which comes from evaporated cane juice.

    Did you know that in SMOOCHT’s Mocha Ice Cream, there are no additional hazard substances? Exactly! Preservatives, artificial colourings or flavours, and other synthetic ingredients are not added in the ice cream in order to make sure they will endure. Thus, this gelato needs to be frozen in the freezer for a longer span.

    In addition, Mocha Ice Cream can help one relax the body, bring out and cheer up one’s emotion. It also might assist you in relieving your stress and anxiety.

    A Sugarless Alternative For A Healthier Gelato

    Compared to other conventional ice creams, almost all daily ice cream out there is high in carbs and sugar. Fortunately, SMOOCHT’s Mocha Ice Cream is different!

    If you look into Mocha Ice Cream ingredients, white sugar was replaced with evaporated cane juice. The cane extract contains a low- carb intake with a higher mineral content than white sugar. The evaporated juice from the cane has been added into Plant- based Mocha Ice Cream flavour as its sweetener supporter.

    As a whole natural sweetener, its validity is true that evaporated sugar cane juice preserves more nutrients such as minerals and vitamins rather than other ordinary ice cream. It’s true. Mocha Ice Cream by SMOOCHT is a sugar-free ice frozen dessert.

    Uncapped ice cream on a brown wooden table

    Complete Vegan-Made, Chocholate & Caffeine-Based Confection

    Nowadays, it can be said that almost all ice cream is dairy-based. Only a certain percentage produces vegan ice cream. What about this Mocha Ice Cream? If you want to know, Mocha Ice Cream or Ice Cream Mocha Morning by SMOOCHT is made from 100% healthy plant-based food considering the main ingredients are brown rice and evaporated cane juice.

    Not only vegan can have this gelato, but it is also convenient for everyone. Some benefits within the mocha morning vegan ice cream include assisting in the treatment of weight-related health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure and maintaining perfect cholesterol levels. Therefore, Mocha Ice Cream is a great choice to have in every household.

    Asia’s 1st Rice-Based Mocha Ice Cream

    Based in Singapore, SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd is the first company in Asia to manufacture and produce Ice Cream based on rice. In every single ice cream, including this Mocha Ice Cream, we use only natural and organic brown rice together with other pure ingredients. The fact that Mocha Ice Cream by SMOOCHT company appeared in Singapore’s Guinness Book of Records eight years ago, in 2013, for the 1st Vegan non-dairy ice cream shows that they are recognized in Singapore.

    If you want to know, natural brown rice milk contains benefits which are good for the human body. It has a low cholesterol level, low in saturated fat and also high in antioxidants.

    A hand holding a pint of ice cream and next to it is a scoop of green ice cream.

    A Vegan Confectionery Loved by All

    Have you ever wondered why Ice Cream is everyone’s sweetheart? For your information, Ice cream is a type of food that boosts one’s emotion, mood, and behavior. This is because eating it gives a signal from the tongue to the brain, where it causes a surge in dopamine. This includes Mocha Ice Cream which also can be consumed by everybody regardless of age, race or gender.

    Although you are not vegan, you may also enjoy this ice cream. The other reason why this Mocha Ice Cream from SMOOCHT brand is loved by everyone is because it has fat, protein, and other nutrients that are needed by human’s body. Can you imagine the delicious taste once you taste it? This happens only when you eat Mocha Ice Cream by SMOOCHT.

    2 women in hijab, one wearing a black headscarf, glasses, and holding an ice cream cone, and one wearing a blue and black headscarf and holding a sleeping baby and a piece of paper, while the other is holding an ice cream cone.

    Mocha Ice Cream Featuring A One-Third Calorie In Consumption

    If you examine carefully, it can be said that most conventional ice cream contains a lot of calories because of the ingredients used in it. It is true to say that their taste is appetizing and tasty, however, there are sugars and saturated fat hiding behind its tastiness.

    What can be conclude here, conventional ice cream is not suitable for those who are on a diet and also diabetic patients. This is because its sugar content can make one gain weight easily while also causing blood sugar levels for diabetic to increase or become too high.

    A picture shows the calorie content of smoocht ice cream per scoop

    However, it’s different when it comes to SMOOCHT Mocha Ice Cream. The calorie content for this Mocha Ice Cream or Ice Cream Mocha Morning stay at one- third alias 120 kcal only if compared to everyday ice cream with approximately 227 kcal per scoop. We believe that this Mocha Ice Cream is especially best for those who take care of calorie intake in their diet.

    Low-Glycemic Index Plant-Based Ice Cream

    This Mocha Ice Cream, a plant-based ice cream has potential benefits to its criteria alternatives. The plant-based title, when compared to dairy-based ice cream, has a lot of advantages, including low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free and low in glycemic Index (GI).

    Consuming low glycemic index food can help one in control and handle their blood sugar level. The brown rice used in this Ice Cream Mocha Morning by SMOOCHT is low in GI. As low-glycemic index food, Mocha confectionery helps in losing weight, as the carb will be released slowly into the body.

    A picture shows the low glycemic index certified.

    B2B Insights: Proportioning Edibles To End Consumers

    The estimated proportion servings for SMOOCHT ice cream is provided for your reference to make your shopping easier. There are 3 views for our Mocha Ice cream regarding its proportioning value, which stated below:

    • Pint size container: 15.8oz (450g) per pint / 8 scoops per pint
    • Portion size per person = 4  scoops / half pint
    • 2.82oz (80g) per small cup
    3 types of Ice Cream packaging (Tub, pint and cup).

    Mocha Ice Cream With Automated Supplies Manufacturing

    To maintain the consistency of the quality of this mocha ice cream product, cleanliness and hygiene are always prioritized in the making process. In the process of making mocha ice cream, a clean environment has been set up with only robots or automated machines being used in their manufacturing and production. This is one alternative to ensure that there is no human touch, along with dirt and dust.

    Step 1
    Confirming & Filtering Mocha Supplies

    Among the main ingredients of mocha ice cream, such as brown rice, cane juice, and mocha coffee beans will be carefully examined, including their quality, quantity and expiration date. Any defect in the materials will be separated and discarded. The ingredients will be examined strictly to produce high quality mocha ice cream.

    Step 2
    Weighing all the ingredients

    After that, all the mocha ice cream ingredients will be weighed according to the predetermined measurement or weight. This is intended so that the mocha ice cream that will be produced has a balanced taste.

    Step 3
    Washing the natural ingredients

    The cleanliness of each ingredient is very important for the quality of mocha ice cream. Therefore, the natural ingredients will be washed cleanly and for mocha coffee beans, a special machine will be used to wash them.

    Step 4
    Trimming the Mocha Supplies

    The brown rice will be divided into small pieces. Moreover, mocha coffee beans that have been washed clean will be processed mechanically to be made into mocha powder. Then, the natural ingredients are ready for the next trimming procedure.

    Step 5
    Blend the Mocha Ice Cream Mixture

    The beginning of the production of mocha ice cream started with this method. All ingredients for mocha ice cream will be combined and will be ground using a top-grade machine. Time and temperature are very important elements to look at in this process, because it involves ice cream conditions.

    Step 6
    Pasteurization of the Mocha Ice Cream

    Mocha gelato will move to the pasteurization process to kill all bacteria found in the mocha ice cream mixture. For this process, the mocha ice cream mix will be heated to a high temperature.

    Step 7
    Homogenization of the Mocha Mixture

    Next, the mocha ice cream mixture will pass through the homogenization step. This process can strengthen the bond between the water and the air, making the gelato less cold. This process also makes the texture of Mocha ice soft and delicate.

    Step 8
    Freeze the Mocha Ice Cream

    The mocha ice cream will be frozen at a very high temperature and there will be air entrainment. Further, the air addition process reaches as much as 50% of mocha ice cream. This will give the effect of the gelato being soft and dense.

    Step 9
    Capping the Mocha Ice Cream

    Pint-shaped containers will be used to house premium mocha ice cream. To ensure the same amount of mocha ice cream in each pint, the automatic machine is in action.

    Step 10
    Metal detector

    To prevent unwanted particles from inhabiting the mocha ice cream, the mocha ice cream will pass through a metal detector to determine its authenticity.

    Step 11
    Storage the Mocha Ice Cream

    Each pint of Mocha ice cream will be placed in cartons and kept in a chiller.

    Step 12
    Shipping the Mocha Ice Cream

    Each carton of Mocha Ice Cream will be transferred onto the pallet in the required quantity. Next, the pallet will be wrapped properly to ensure that the mocha ice creams are safe. The distribution activity is ready to go.

    Awarded Mocha Ice Cream Certifications

    A total of three certificates has been granted to SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd’s development of sundae indulgence, comprising even of their Mocha Ice Cream. The recognition are as followed:

    halal Singapore logo

    MUIS’ Halal Certification

    Ice Cream Mocha Morning by SMOOCHT has obtained Halal certificate by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, because important criteria has complied with the MUIS Halal Certification Conditions.

    HACCP certified logo

    HACCP Certification

    This Mocha Ice Cream product belonging to SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd was already analyzed and inspected carefully by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. This means that Mocha Ice Cream is free from physical and biological hazards, and chemical substances in the product, and verified safe for human consumption at any level.

    GMP certified logo

    GMP Certification

    SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd successfully complied with all the guidelines which include all the criteria that have been set which are processing, packaging, storage, storage and distribution. This shows that Mocha Ice Cream is guaranteed from every angle as a high-quality ice cream.

    2 scoops of Mocha Ice Cream in a patterned bowl.

    Sustainable Practices Of Smoocht's Sherbets

    Study states that as much as 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from the food production industry. Scientifically, vegan or vegetarian diets can essentially help reduce greenhouse gasses. By substituting half of animal feed with a vegan diet, this will have an impact on the climate. It is based on this ice cream, which uses no dairy products but organic brown rice.

    Long-Lasting Confectionery Preservation With Innate Freezing Temperatures

    Are you curious about how to store this Mocha Ice Cream? Generally, this Mocha Ice Cream also known as Ice Cream Mocha Morning has no added preservative, artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. To save its soft texture from melting, spoiling, and damage, it is best to place the Mocha Ice Cream in a cool and dry place such as the freezer.

    Ice Cream Mocha Morning by SMOOCHT is an ice cream that needs to be frozen, as cold temperature is the only preservative for them. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining its freshness. A temperature at 0°C or 32°F or below is the ideal temperature for storing this Singaporean plant-based ice cream. If Mocha Ice Cream is stored appropriately, it can last for 24 months or 2 years.

    A picture shows 2 smoocht ice cream freezers.

    Mocha Ice Cream Packaging Types

    For logistics and delivery motive, this Mocha Ice cream will be arranged and packed scrupulously using cartons. It is essential to always be alert to the product’s quality by checking it out repeatedly once the shipment is made.

    Mocha Ice Cream or Ice Cream Mocha Morning will be packed in the following way:

    •   4.5kg (158.7 oz) x 4 tubs for each carton, with the measurement of,
    •   36.7 x 34.2 x 28.1cm (14.45 x 13.46 x 11.06 inches) per carton.

    A total of 2920 tubs of Mocha Ice Cream are ready for 730 cartons in total. This Mocha Ice Cream has a gross weight of 14000kg (493835.4 oz) with a net weight of 13140kg (463499.8 oz).
    •   450gram (15.8 oz) x 24 pints per carton, with the measurement of,
    •   40.6 x 30.6 x 22.5cm (15.98 x 12.05 x 8.86 inches) per carton.

    There are 22320 pints in 930 cartons altogether and have a net weight of 10044kg (354291.67 oz). The gross weight for SMOOCHT’s Mocha Ice Cream is 11000kg (388013.5 oz).
    •   80gram (2.8 oz) x 96 cups for a carton, with the measurement of,
    •   43.3 x 28.8 x 21.8cm (17.05 x 11.34 x 8.58 inches) per carton.

    A total of 950 cartons with 91200 cups is available for Mocha Ice Cream packaging. On top of that, the net and gross weight for Mocha Ice Cream is 7296kg (257358.8oz) and 8300kg (292773.9oz).

    When Shipping Smoocht's Coffee Ice Creams

    At SMOOCHT, we have set a certain amount for B2B order. The minimum order for Mocha Ice Cream is 1 x 20ft container. But, if you are planning to mix with other supplies, LCL (Less Container Loose) can be negotiable and might be accessible to fulfill shipment.

    20 feet container with few smaller boxes


    What is mocha ice cream made of?

    There are slightly different ingredients in Mocha Ice Cream as it is a plant-based ice cream. For a regular mocha ice cream recipe, they are made of heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, instant espresso powder, chocolate chips, and water.

    But only at SMOOCHT, we use a total of 5 natural ingredients to make Mocha Ice Cream which are Organic Brown Rice, Nut Milks, cocoa mocha powder, Evaporated Cane Juice, Atlantic sea salt and water.

    Is there caffeine in mocha ice cream?

    The answer is yes. If you are avoiding any caffeine, luck does not stand on you. As everyone knows, every single coffee ice cream must have caffeine in it, either the content is high or lower.

    Basically, in one half-cup of coffee per serving, there are less than 50 milligrams, but there are lower amounts of caffeine content in some brands. Sorry to say but if you are sensitive to coffee, mocha ice cream may not be suitable for you.

    Is Mocha good for anxiety?

    Some research declared that by consuming caffeine alone, it is a bad thing for people with anxiety, as it will easily increase anxiety and nervousness.

    Considering that Mocha contains a little bit of chocolate content, a study shows that the combination between these two ingredients, cocoa and caffeine increases cognition and reduces anxiety. In short, the cocoa substance in Mocha Ice Cream lessens caffeine’s anxiety-producing effects.

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