Jackfruit Ice Cream

  • Organically Made (Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice & Brown Rice Milk)
  • Low 80-160 Calorie Per Scoop
  • Up To 2 Years Of Shelf-Life In A Cool, Dry Storage (0°C / 32°F)
  • Available In Ice Cream Tub, Pint, And/Or Cup Sizes
  • MUIS Halal-Certified For Muslims


    Jackfruit Ice Cream Overview

    Ice cream is a quintessential dessert, popular across all nations and ages. With its long history, recognizable cool texture and sweet flavour, ice cream is at once both nostalgic and modern, a dessert that incorporates a plethora of flavors to suit any taste. In various regions, ice cream’s flexibility allows it to incorporate local fruits and recipes as well!

    Smoocht is no exception: introducing Smoocht Dessert’s Jackfruit Ice Cream, formulated using all-natural jackfruits sourced locally in Singapore. Also known as nangka or by its scientific name artocarpus heterophyllus, jackfruit may seem new to some.

    However, jackfruit’s naturally sweet taste and firm texture is sure to charm your tastebuds with its novel sensation when you have a taste of Smoocht’s Jackfruit Ice Cream!

    You may order our Jackfruit Ice Cream from our online storefronts, or come on down to our store at Jurong East Street to enjoy it in a tasteful environment.

    Also Known As Jumpin' Jackfruit by Smoocht

    A distinctive and tasty seasonal flavor, Jumpin’ Jackfruit is a name that expresses the unique tropical sensation that you’ll be able to enjoy when you take a bite of this Jackfruit Ice Cream, any time and anywhere.

    a hand holding a cone with two scoops of ice cream, one in red colour and one in white

    Frozen Dessert Built From All-Natural Ingredients

    Produced by Smoocht (M) Sdn. Bhd, Jackfruit Ice-Cream is a plant-based ice cream that is produced according to our principles of using healthy, all-natural ingredients that are both beneficial to your health, as well as delicious and delectable to consume. This begins with the fruits we used in our ice creams, including the Jackfruit Ice Cream. Fresh slices of fruit are pulped and stored in refrigerated environments, ensuring their freshness for when they are used in our ice creams. Pulping the fruit also ensures that each tiny piece has its vitamins and other nutritional value preserved, on top of maintaining a distinct taste and texture.

    The other component of our naturally-made ice cream is the base, made from two essential natural components. The first is the brown rice milk used in place of dairy milks, lending each of our ice creams a smooth, creamy flavor that befits the eloquently conceptualized name of r’ice-cream. The other is evaporated sugarcane juice, a pure and sweet source of sugar that has low caloric value but all the sweet taste you can ask for. Together, they form a unique and delicious base that not only rivals dairy ice creams, but exceeds them.

    No Processed Sugars In Smoocht's Ice Cream Making

    Refined, processed white sugar is known for its high caloric value and health effects like hypertension or weight gain. And no small amount of it is used in many ice creams on the market today. However, you needn’t be concerned about such materials being used SMOOCHT’s Jackfruit Ice Cream.

    Put yourself at ease as you enjoy the sweet taste of SMOOCHT’s ice creams that make use of evaporated sugarcane juice, alongside only the natural sugars and flavor present in the organic, natural pulped fruits that we use. The use of evaporated sugarcane juice in SMOOCHT’s ice cream provides natural plant minerals and vitamins in good quantities to every consumer, all from every stalk of sugarcane we source.

    Uncapped ice cream on a brown wooden table

    Completely Vegan-Based Confection

    Veganism (a diet that forgoes all animal meat and products) has long been a popular choice for various people, whether for health, personal taste, or out of concern for animal welfare.

    While veganism is a good decision that can bring several health benefits, it may seem a little unfortunate that someone who makes that decision will have to sacrifice certain foodstuffs they enjoy, particularly desserts that incorporate milk, butter, or eggs. Dairy-based ice creams are naturally one of those.

    With Smoocht, there’s no need to fret any longer! Smoocht’s Jackfruit Ice Cream and other flavors are all made entirely with ingredients of plant-based, all-natural origins from the base to every single fruit! Regardless of your dietary choices, you can take a moment out of your day to enjoy Smoocht’s Jackfruit Ice Cream without worries!

    Our Jackfruit Ice Cream Featured As Asia’s 1st Rice-Based Gelato

    SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd sets itself apart from other ice cream manufacturers in the region by being the first in Asia that produces rice-based ice cream, or which we call r’ice-cream. Each of their ice cream products uses natural brown rice milk, including this Jackfruit Ice Cream.

    Brown rice milk tastes just as good as dairy milk when used in ice cream, and the creamy, tasty flavor is sure to stimulate your tastebuds. Dairy milk has its own benefits, but as part of a sweet dessert like SMOOCHT’s Jackfruit Ice Cream brown rice milk proves its worth by being cholesterol-free and absent of fat, allowing you to enjoy SMOOCHT’s Jackfruit Ice Cream as part of any diet or lifestyle.

    A hand holding a pint of ice cream and next to it is a scoop of green ice cream.

    Rejoicing With Everyone Through Smoocht's Frozen Dessert

    And why do many people treasure ice cream, whatever their age? This is because our body and sense of taste are inclined to enjoy sweetness in any form.
    It has been scientifically proven that when a human being tastes sugar and other sweet things, the brain releases large amounts of dopamine, a hormone that causes feelings of enjoyment and positive emotion. This makes a person want to enjoy more until they are satisfied.

    On top of that, the human digestive system is also driven to make a person want more of essential nutrients like protein, fat, and vitamins, all of which are common in ice cream and other desserts. With all that in mind, SMOOCHT’s Jackfruit Ice Cream is sure to satisfy your senses while also serving as one of the building blocks of a healthy diet, alongside other beneficial foods.

    2 women in hijab, one wearing a black headscarf, glasses, and holding an ice cream cone, and one wearing a blue and black headscarf and holding a sleeping baby and a piece of paper, while the other is holding an ice cream cone.

    Our Jackfruit Ice Cream Being Low In Calories

    Thanks to processed sugars and dairy milk, typical dairy ice creams often contain high caloric values that can cause adverse health effects alongside environmental factoes and other parts of your diet. Sugar and fat are truly important to a healthy body, but in the wrong form or improper quantities, they may harm more than they help.

    Excessive or pure sugar and fat can come from desserts and other dishes with high calorie counts and can cause weight gain, hypertension, and organ damage if consumed carelessly.

    A picture shows the calorie content of smoocht ice cream per scoop

    Alongside its enjoyable taste, SMOOTCHT’s Jackfruit ice cream can play a part in countering this trend thanks to its calorie count that is only one third that of dairy ice creams, as well as the health benefits of brown rice milk and evaporated sugarcane juice.

    Low-Glycemic Index Frozen Dessert: A Solution For The Health-Conscious Peeps

    Smoocht’s enviromentally-conscious, vegan-focused product grants the discerning consumer several healthy benefits, but one in particular might be a little unexpected. Due to being produced from brown rice, the brown rice milk that serves as a foundation of Smoocht’s Jackfruit Ice Cream has a notably low glycemic index (GI).

    In so many words, the glycemic index is a scale of 0 to 100 indicating the amount of glucose (sugar) generated in an individual’s blood after eating a given food item.

    A picture shows the low glycemic index certified.

    The low glycemic index of Jackfruit Ice Cream indicates that enjoying it is unlikely to cause a significant spike in blood sugar levels after it is consumed, and all the attendant health effects. This means that compared to ice creams and other desserts that use typical sources of milk and sugar, Smoocht’s r’ice-cream is an especially suitable treat for people who are concerned about their sugar intake!

    B2B Insights: Ordering And Portioning Jackfruit Ice Cream For Sale

    Having heard all the good news and interesting benefits of SMOOCHT Jackfruit Ice Cream, you may be interested in purchasing it in bulk for sale or serving to your own consumer market as well. That sounds like a great idea! When placing your order with us, do consider the following serving sizes and amounts when determining your order quantities:

    Pint container: 450g (15.8 oz) each, holding 8 scoops per pint

    Each serving size is 4 scoops/half a pint

    Small cup container: 80g (2.82oz)

    Each serving size is 1 full cup

    With the correct planning, the sweet natural taste of SMOOCHT Jackfruit Ice Cream can go a long way for you and your customers.

    3 types of Ice Cream packaging (Tub, pint and cup).

    Jackfruit Ice Cream With Automated Supplies Manufacturing

    Consistency is a top priority with Smoocht. Aside from the quality and precision of our natural ingredients and the recipes that ensure an enjoyable taste, each step of the manufacturing process that avoids contaminants or external additions of any sort also receives our utmost attention. This is all to ensure that each scoop of Smoocht Jackfruit Ice Cream contains nothing but the best that we intend for you to savor. The manufacturing process follows these broad steps:

    1) Automated Supplies

    SMOOCHT (M) Sdn. Bhd.’s facilities are equipped to record, order, and receive supplies such as fresh jackfruit as needed, all the essentials needed to make our ice creams. From the very start of the process, supply and manufacturing is carried out with the utmost precision and attentiveness.

    2) Receiving Of Materials

    All fruit supplies are received, divided, examined, and transported with swiftness, attention, and care. No matter what, we spare no expense to ensure that jackfruits and other ingredients are not damaged or lost in transit.

    3) Weighing

    At this stage, the jackfruits are weighed and measured in order to determine the usable quantity in each shipment. During this process, any damaged, rotten, or otherwise unusable fruits or parts thereof are also discarded.

    4) Mixing

    The selected jackfruits are mechanically peeled, cut, and pulped in order to be rendered into a state suitable for use in Jackfruit Ice Cream. It is at this point where the other two basic components (brown rice milk and evaporated cane juice) are added as well. The mixing of these three ingredients forms the foundation of the Jackfruit Ice Cream.

    5) Blending

    The mixture of ingredients created in the previous step is mixed and blended in order to ensure that it is consistent and intact throughout. This step prevents the Jackfruit Ice Cream from being uneven, lumpy, or overly fluid. As such, you can be reassured of a consistent texture throughout your serving of Jackfruit Ice Cream.

    6) Pasteurization

    The ice cream mixture is first subjected to pasteurization, a treatment that uses heat to kill bacteria. During this process, temperatures of no more than 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) are directed through the ice cream to kill bacteria present. Combined with the subsequent refrigeration, this will give the Jackfruit Ice Cream a prolonged shelf life.

    7) Homogenization

    The next step is homogenization. This process serves to shrink the fat globules present in ice cream, by breaking them up into numerous smaller globules. The benefits of this process include a softer, smoother texture, making the ice cream less prone to icing and becoming hard, as well as allowing it to take longer to melt when served.

    8) Cooling

    What happens next, of course, is cooling. The resulting homogenous ice cream mixture will first be subject to conventional cooling and freezing, maintained at close to 0 degrees (freezing point). This is to prepare the ice cream for the subsequent blast freezing process.

    9) Blast Freezing

    Blast freezing is a unique and effective industrial process. Unlike usual cooling methods where the product is simply placed in a freezer or chiller and the manufacturer waits for it to become cool, blast freezing is a process in which a specialized device blows cold air over and through the ice cream mixture to rapidly bring it to the freezing point. This process can happen almost instantly, and ensures that heat is removed uniformly all throughout the mixture. Together with the homogenization process, this ensures that ice crystals do not form within your Jackfruit Ice Cream.

    10) Filling

    Rapidly frozen, yet maintaining a smooth and soft texture, Jackfruit Ice Cream is finally dispensed precisely and automatically into sterile, sturdy containers of the appropriate sizes. This step of the way ensures that you get as much of the creamy r’ice-cream goodness as you paid for, and it’s just as good when you eat it as it is in the factory.

    11) Capping

    Once filled appropriately, each cup, pint, and tub is sealed and capped appropriately with the necessary tab or cover to keep the smooth, cold, high-quality Jackfruit Ice Cream clean, fresh, and at a safe temperature as well. This seals in the goodness, and helps to make sure it doesn’t melt until you are ready to enjoy it.

    12) Metal Detector

    As a final safety step, each container of Jackfruit Ice Cream is subjected to an examination using a metal detector. This will ensure that there are no contaminants or external objects in the Jackfruit Ice Cream, and you can enjoy it worry free.

    13) Storage

    While preparing for distribution and export across the country and abroad, every serving of Jackfruit Ice Cream is stored in secure locations with temperature and humidity control. As such, your Jackfruit Ice Cream is sure to remain smooth and fresh no matter what, right until you taste it.

    14) Distribution

    Even when being transported, all Smoocht's products are stored in refrigerated trucks and insulated containers. Whether rain or shine, nothing will change the quality and taste of Jackfruit Ice Cream and other Smoocht products.

    Certifications Awarded To Smoocht's Gelato

    In order to increase consumer confidence in their plant-based ice cream goods, including their Thai Tea Ice Cream, SMOOCHT made every effort to obtain the following certificates:

    halal Singapore logo

    MUIS’ Halal Certification

    The Jackfruit Ice Cream produced by SMOOCHT has been awarded a certificate from The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), indicating that all its manufacturing operations comply fully with directives from MUIS and all pertinent Islamic guidelines.

    HACCP certified logo

    HACCP Certification

    The Jackfruit Ice Cream product belonging to SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd has already been scrutinized according to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is therefore confirmed that SMOOCHT’S Jackfruit Ice Cream is safe to eat.

    GMP certified logo

    GMP Certification

    Smoocht has been certified as following GMP standards by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). This certifies with absolute certainty that Jackfruit Ice Cream and other r’ice-creams produced by Smoocht adhere to international industry standards of safety and quality.

    Fruity Confectionery's Sustainable Practices

    In today’s world, the state of the environment has become more and more of a cause for concern, and the production and supply of food of all types form a significant part of that concern.

    In conjunction with their efforts to make healthy, all-natural r’ice-cream, Smoocht is also spearheading efforts to set an example of sustainability in food production. Adopting a vegan-based approach towards food production is a great first step, as this avoids contributing towards the large carbon footprint of animal-based production, particularly that which would otherwise be reliant on cows (for milk supply) as clearing of land for grazing cows has a significant environmental impact, on top of the methane farm cows emit.

    Not only that, but Smoocht is dedicated to sourcing all their ingredients super-locally, obtaining their supplies of rice, sugarcane, and fruits all from local suppliers in Singapore. This cuts down on overheads when it comes to transporting ingredients, and even cuts down on the carbon footprint of international cargo transportation.

    Finally, unused fruit byproducts like skins, cores, stems, or rotten flesh is turned over to dedicated waste disposal firms, which ensure that no part goes to waste by making compost and substrate for mushroom farms, or to be processed into animal feed and building materials.

    In these ways, Smoocht not only brings you a delicious and healthy product, but also ensures that they have a net positive, sustainable environmental impact.

    24 Months Shelf-Life Of Jackfruit Ice Cream With Innate Freezing Temperatures

    SMOOCHT’S Jackfruit Ice Cream does not have any preservatives, and we rely on cold temperatures as a natural method of preservation to maintain its flavor.

    As with many fresh food products, SMOOCHT ice creams should be stored in a cold, dry place such as a freezer or chiller. This ensures that the natural ingredients and fresh fruit pulps do not melt, spoil, or denature before you get to enjoy them.

    The ideal temperature for storing SMOOCHT ice cream is -18°C (0°F). It will be even better for it to be placed in a chiller. If SMOOCHT’s Jackfruit Ice Cream is stored appropriately its life span can be prolonged up to 24 months (2 years), barely changed from the first time you enjoy it.

    A picture shows 2 smoocht ice cream freezers.

    Smoocht's Packaging Types For Jackfruit Ice Cream

    In adherence to HACCP standards, Smoocht’s Jackfruit Ice Cream will be packaged in tubs, pints, and 2.5oz cups. When the shipment is made, inspect each product by opening the lid to ensure that all the products are still in good condition without any defects.

    For delivery purposes, the Jackfruit Ice Cream will be packed to fill a standard 20ft container in the following amounts and measurements

    •   Packing: 4 tubs per carton
    •   Total cartons: 730 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 730 cartons @ 4 tubs each = 2920 tubs
    •   Net weight: 2920 tubs @ 4.5kg (158 oz) = 13140kg (28968.74 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 14000kg (30864.72 lbs)
    •   Carton measurement: 36.7 x 34.2 x 28.1cm (14.45 x 13.46 x 11.06 inch)
    •   Packing: 24 pints per carton
    •   Total cartons: 930 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 930 cartons @ 24 pints each = 22320 pints
    •   Net weight: 22320 pints @ 450g (15.87 oz)  = 10044kg (22143.23 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 11000kg (24250.85 lbs)
    •   Carton meast: 40.6 x 30.6 x 22.5cm (15.98 x 12.05 x 8.86 inch)
    2.5oz cups
    •   Packing: 96 cups per carton
    •   Total cartons: 950 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 950 cartons @ 96 cups each = 91200 cups
    •   Net weight: 91200 cups @ 80g (2.82 oz) = 7296kg (16084.93 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 8300kg (18298.37 lbs)
    •   Carton meast: 43.3 x 28.8 x 21.8cm (17.05 x 11.34 x 8.58 inch)

    Shipping Sorbets To Singaporean Distributors

    SMOOCHT’s Jackfruit Ice Cream can be shipped in a standard 20ft container load, or at negotiable quantities at less-than-container load (LCL) mixed with other products to fulfill the shipment.

    20 feet container with few smaller boxes


    What does jackfruit taste like?

    Jackfruit has a naturally sweet flavor alongside a springy and smooth texture that some might compare to meat. The sweet taste and unique texture makes it a natural complement to the melting, tasty flavor of our r'ice-cream, as this Jackfruit Ice Cream embodies.

    Where does jackfruit come from?

    Jackfruit, also known as artocarpus heterophyllus, is endemic to South and Southeast Asia, and is cultivated and farmed in those regions.

    Their taste and size make them a frequent part of culinary traditions, that Smoocht now shares with you in a sweet new form.

    Does jackfruit smell bad?

    As jackfruit ripens or is freshly plucked, it can have a penetrating and slightly sour smell.

    But once it's cooked or otherwise processed, it will not smell nearly as strong, but not lose its taste. As such, there's nothing to distract you from enjoying the taste of our Jackfruit Ice Cream!

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