Durian Ice Cream

  • Organically Made (Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice & Brown Rice Milk)
  • Low 80-160 Calorie Per Scoop
  • Up To 2 Years Of Shelf-Life In A Cool, Dry Storage (0°C / 32°F)
  • Available In Ice Cream Tub, Pint, And/Or Cup Sizes
  • MUIS Halal-Certified For Muslims


    Smoocht's Durian Ice Cream Overview

    Do you know what fruit got the stinkiest and smelliest fruit title? Yes, it’s durian. Durian (’dʊəriən/), also the king of fruit, comes from Durio Zibethinus family is very popular and grows majorly in tropical forest or specific farm in southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and even the Philippines.

    Durian is famously known as a fruit with green colors and full with thorns at the outside but yellow in the inside or called durian flesh. However, the Durian flesh colors are according to the maturity level of the durian.

    The golden yellow color shows that the durian is ripe and the taste is richer, compared to the white flesh, where the durian is still immature and tastes a bit gelatinous and bitter.

    3 ice cream cone with 1 scoop of durian ice cream each, placed in a transparent glass on a brown platform.

    Durian has been immersed into mysterious and unique taste from its flesh. According to Durian experts and fans, the durian has a pungent odor, tastes sweet, custardy, with the texture of creamy cheesecake. Durian is a fruit with green colors, full with thorns at the hard shell on the outside but yellow gold on the inside. In addition, it has big seeds and separated flesh, making one easy to eat durian.

    In the food industry, Durian is used in varieties of meals, for example juices, desserts and smoothies. As a famous fruit in Singapore that grows seasonally, SMOOCHT did not miss the chance and took the opportunity to make durian as one of their official ice cream products. Durian has gone through several processes and finally durian ice cream by SMOOCHT came into existence.

    We Call This Frozen Food The 'Durian King' Within Smoocht

    Due to its massive size, unique shape which is covered with thorns in the shell, with a creamy and rich flavour, Durian has been enthroned as the king of fruits. Although the smell is less appetizing for some people, it is still a favorite of many. Therefore, this is where the idea to name the durian ice cream was born, which now bears the name Durian King in Smoocht.

    a hand holding a cone with two scoops of ice cream, one in red colour and one in white

    Featuring Our Durian Ice Cream As A Naturally-Made Frozen Dessert

    This Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT does not contain any chemical substances or related substances such as preservatives, additional coloring and sweetness, or artificial flavoring substances. This is due to the fact that this Durian Ice Cream uses plant-based ingredients starting from pure and real durian fruit and evaporated cane juice as its original sweetener.

    The fruit will be gone into several processes by mixing and blending it with other ingredients before being frozen in cool storages and made into sweet gelato or ice cream. SMOOCHT’s Durian Ice Cream is a great choice for everyone, as we all understand and are aware of the advantages of consuming natural frozen ice cream considering it is abundant with a variety of nutrients such as vitamin C, E and minerals.

    Sugar-Free Emphasis In Smoocht's Gelato Making

    On average, two scoops of plain or conventional ice cream loaded with sugar for approx. 12 – 24 grams, in order to give ice cream its sweetness. Unfortunately, sugar does not apply to Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT as it doesn’t use any sugar in it.
    In this Durian Ice Cream, organic evaporated cane juice has been used as its natural sweetener. Made from harvested sugar cane, it is less refined than granulated sugar, and contains some nutrients that show that they are healthier than refined or white sugar.
    Evaporated cane juice is known for its zero fat, cholesterol, sodium, and protein; however, it still has carb and calorie but only for 4 grams and 15% entirely for a teaspoon. In fact, the nutrition show that this original organic sweetener is convenient for all. The evaporated cane juice used in this Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT is a sugar-free confectionery.

    Uncapped ice cream on a brown wooden table

    100% Vegan-Made, Durian Ice Cream Confection

    Did you know that this Durian Ice Cream is convenient for vegans? This is because durian ice cream by SMOOCHT is an ice cream that does not contain any mixture of animal and dairy products.

    If we look into conventional durian ice cream, most of them use milk from cows, goats, or the same species, as well as synthetic sweeteners during ice cream processing. However, it is totally different from this durian ice cream which uses organic milk from brown rice and evaporated cane juice in their product.

    Its nature is rich in antioxidants, free from things that threaten the body such as cholesterol, saturated fat, and contains high mineral content, the pure brown rice milk and original evaporated cane juice contained in durian ice cream provides many benefits to humans.

    Smoocht Featured As Asia’s 1st Vegan Non-Dairy Durian Ice Cream

    Can you imagine how ice cream can be made out of rice? At SMOOCHT, it is real, that all ice cream products including Durian Ice Cream are legit using only organic plant-based ingredients. Brown rice or Oryza Sativa is the main and the foundation element for every single ice cream product by SMOOCHT.

    Based in Singapore, specifically located at Jurong East Street, SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd has appeared in Singapore Book of Records under category the 1st Vegan Non-dairy ice cream. This recognition shows that among durian ice cream in Singapore, SMOOCHT’s Durian Ice Cream is the primary brown-rice based ice cream ever made in the country, also in Asia.

    A hand holding a pint of ice cream and next to it is a scoop of green ice cream.

    Why did they decide to use brown rice? For your information, there are a lot of benefits in using brown rice. Brown rice contains two types of antioxidants, namely phenols and flavonoids. Some research states that they help in reducing aging and reduce injury to cells. As a result of this, Durian Ice Cream has used good alternatives in creating ice cream bases.

    Having A Vegan Frozen Dessert That Can Be Cherished By All

    Can you feel the delightful taste once you eat ice cream? The reason why it happened is because of the chemistry behind it.

    When eating ice cream, including Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT, the good amino acids help rapidly in increasing serotonin production. The process occurs when Serotonin sends signals within nerve cells in the brain, and then expresses the received message through the body.

    Although it is vegan-friendly, an omnivore can also enjoyed this gelato. So, what exactly happened after? This Durian Ice Cream will boost your mood, undoubtedly makes you happy and full of joy.

    2 women in hijab, one wearing a black headscarf, glasses, and holding an ice cream cone, and one wearing a blue and black headscarf and holding a sleeping baby and a piece of paper, while the other is holding an ice cream cone.

    Smoocht's Durian Ice Cream Featuring Only A Third Of Calorie Vs. Competitors

    Usually, dairy-made or conventional ice cream contains high calories. This is related to the high amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrate in the ice cream.

    When it comes to high-calorie food, it means that they cannot be eaten by certain people, mostly for those on a diet. This happens due to the fact that high calorie food can cause sudden weight gain and it is not good for health.

    A picture shows the calorie content of smoocht ice cream per scoop

    However, the calorie content of durian ice cream by SMOOCHT is only one-third, compared to conservative ice creams. Thus, this gelato can be accepted as a healthy frozen dessert.

    Our Durian Ice Cream With Low-Glycemic Index Attribute

    The Glycemic Index (GI) is a system that rates the amount of carbohydrates in a food and is closely related to the level of glucose or blood sugar in the body, where this GI shows the speed of food in affecting the blood sugar level. 

    Because this Singaporean Durian ice cream by SMOOCHT is made from 100% organic brown rice and zero white sugar, this gelato has a low glycemic index as it has a GI of 50, considering it digested slowly and lowers the change in one’s blood sugar level.

    A picture shows the low glycemic index certified.

    B2B Insights: Proportioning Edibles To End Consumers

    The Durian Ice cream comes in various sizes and portions, from the different containers such as tub, pint and cup, and also can be bought according to your preferences! At SMOOCHT, the several served portions are:

    • Pint size container: 15.8oz (450g) per pint / 8 scoops per pint
    • Portion size per person = 4 scoops / half pint
    • 2.82oz (80g) per small cup
    3 types of Ice Cream packaging (Tub, pint and cup).

    Durian Ice Cream With Automated Supplies Manufacturing

    Cleanliness and hygiene are the first things to look into when it comes to product manufacturing, as they are the most important things in the industry. At SMOOCHT, Durian ice cream has been manufactured using automated machines to prevent dirt or dust from contaminating the ice cream. Durian Ice Cream will go through several phases in its production process.

    Step 01
    Confirming & Filtering Durian Supplies

    Important ingredients for making durian ice cream, such as durian, organic brown rice, and pure cane juice, will be carefully selected. Not only that, but several aspects that are taken into account in this selection are also seen in terms of quality, total amount and shelf life of each ingredient for durian ice cream, so that the durian ice cream will be well produced. For ingredients that are defective, they will be separated and not used in durian ice cream.

    Step 02
    Weighing all the ingredients

    For the production of the perfect Durian ice confection, the exact measurement is very important for each ingredient. Each ingredient will be weighed at a set weight so that it can go to the next durian ice cream manufacturing process.

    Step 03
    Washing the natural ingredients

    All the natural ingredients of durian ice cream will go through a washing process to ensure their cleanliness is at a good level. For durian flesh, it will be washed using a special cleaning method.

    Step 04
    Trimming the Durian Supplies

    Besides, the brown rice will be separated for processing purposes, and cleaned durian flesh will go through a mechanical processor to turn into a durian paste. All natural ingredients will be transferred to the next phase for trimming. Hence, luxurious durian ice cream can be produced.

    Step 05
    Blend the Durian Ice Cream Mixture

    All durian ice cream ingredients will be blended evenly, according to the time and temperature set on each machine. The machine used for the spinning process is a high-quality machine to guarantee the quality of durian ice cream.

    Step 06
    Pasteurization of the Durian Ice Cream

    Next, the durian ice cream will undergo a pasteurization process to eliminate and get rid of the hidden bacteria present in the durian ice cream by using hot temperatures.

    Step 07
    Homogenization of the Durian Mixture

    As a method involving two components, namely water and air, durian ice cream will undergo homogenization. This way, the stability of durian ice cream will increase, making the shape or texture more perfect.

    Step 08
    Freeze the Durian Ice Cream

    For this step, the durian ice cream mixture needs to be frozen and air will be added. The air mixture that is made for this phase will impact the lightness and density of the ice cream. The amount of air that is used in this process is 50% of the completed durian ice cream.

    Step 09
    Capping the Durian Ice Cream

    The Durian Ice Cream will be packed in pints. Automatic machines have been used to ensure that all the durian ice-cream would be placed in it with an identical amount.

    Step 10
    Metal detector

    Next, the durian ice confection will move to the next step by passing through a metal detector to prevent unimportant or bad molecules and particles from entering the durian ice cream.

    Step 11
    Storage the Durian Ice Cream

    The completed Durian Ice Cream will be arranged in cartons and kept in the freezer.

    Step 12
    Shipping the Durian Ice Cream

    The cartons of Durian ice cream will be placed and arranged on the pallet and will be wrapped and sealed tightly. After that, the Durian Ice Cream will go to the shipping process.

    Smoocht's Certification Achievement

    SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd’s Durian Ice Cream has gone through various processes carefully and successfully obtained several certifications to gain the public’s attention to buy their ice cream products. The certifications are:

    halal Singapore logo

    MUIS’ Halal Certification

    Stand for the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, MUIS has granted this Durian Ice Cream Halal certificate as it complies to 10 principles handled by Singapore MUIS Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ). Thus, Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT can be eaten for all Muslims

    HACCP certified logo

    HACCP Certification

    SMOOCHT's Durian Ice Cream product has been proven safe for human consumption as it is free from chemical and biological hazard, and any related risk. Hence, this durian ice cream has gained a certification from Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

    GMP certified logo

    GMP Certification

    Durian Ice Cream product has consistently complied with all quality standards that have been set by Good Manufacture Practices by the US Food and Drug Administration under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or (FFDA), starting from the processing process, production until production.

    Three scoops of durian ice cream top in a white bowl

    Fruity Sundae's Sustainable Practices

    Sustainable practices are an important thing that needs to be adapted by all to protect and preserve the environment. Here at SMOOCHT, the method of using plant-based ingredients helps in reducing carbon emissions. It shows that the use of plant-based ingredients in ice cream is more effective than the use of dairy or protein from animals.

    This information coincides with a study that states that plant-based proteins are responsible for being based on 70 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the amount of beef and uses more than 150 times less land to grow.

    24 Months Cooling Shelf-Life With Our Plant-Based Ice Creams

    Due to the reason that Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd has no preservatives to retain its quality, this Singaporean plant-based durian ice cream is necessary to store at a cool temperature.

    This Durian Ice Cream must be stored in a freezer or chiller with a temperature of -18°C (0°F) or lower. This is to ensure the ice cream stays from being stale, damaged, melting, and its lifespan lasts longer. In addition, if this Durian ice cream is secured properly, it can be used for up to 24 months or two years.

    A picture shows 2 smoocht ice cream freezers.

    Packaging Variants With Smoocht's Gelato

    SMOOCHT’s Durian Ice Cream will be packed in cartons for the delivery process. The Durian Ice Cream will be packed in 3 different containers, consisting of tubs, pints and cups. The ice cream will be loaded through:

    •   4.5kg (158.7 oz) x 4 tubs for each carton, with the measurement of,
    •   36.7 x 34.2 x 28.1cm (14.45 x 13.46 x 11.06 inches) per carton.
    The total net weight for Durian Ice Cream product in tubs is 13140kg (463499.9 oz) while the whole product has a gross weight that reaches till 14000 kg (493835.5 oz).
    •   450gram (15.8 oz) x 24 pints per carton, with the measurement of,
    •   40.6 x 30.6 x 22.5cm (15.98 x 12.05 x 8.86 inches) per carton.
    •   For pints packaging, the clear weight for Durian Ice Cream is 10044 kg (354291.7 oz) with a gross weight of 11000 kg (388013.6 oz)
    2.5oz cups
    •   80gram (2.8 oz) x 96 cups for a carton, with the measurement of,
    •   43.3 x 28.8 x 21.8cm (17.05 x 11.34 x 8.58 inches) per carton.
    •   The weight of the goods for 2.5 oz cups packages is 7296 kg (257358.8 oz) and the total weight of Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT is 8300 kg (292773.9oz).

    Shipping Our Durian Ice Creams

    Durian Ice Cream by SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd, can be ordered at a minimum of 1 x 20ft container. However, Durian Ice Cream can be mixed with other supplies using LCL and is negotiable to fulfill shipment. For shipment, we guarantee the packaging is sealed tightly and safe.

    20 feet container with few smaller boxes


    Is durian ice cream healthy?

    The answer is yes. Even though Durian is known as the smelliest fruit in the world, some scholars have stated in their research that durian is highly nutritious, as they are rich in fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, and potassium. These nutrients promote weight loss and help in digestion. In other points of view, Durian ice cream is said to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and boost metabolism.

    What are the benefits of durian?

    Durian, the king of fruits, contains a lot of benefits to the body.  Durian can control cholesterol levels. By consuming durian, the antioxidants and other compounds will lower the cholesterol levels as it gives a positive reaction on the lipid and metabolic status.

    Apart from that, durian is also good for pregnant women. A medium serving of durian and fungal infection to the body.

    What does durian ice cream taste like?

    People who are not familiar with durian might be wondering about how the taste feels like. Durian contains a lot of combination tastes, which is kind of strange but yummy. Durian Ice cream has sweet, savory, and creamy all at once or called 3 in 1.

    On the other hand, durian ice cream tastes like garlic, cheese, almond, and caramel. It might look whimsical but it is full of delightful taste.

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