Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream

  • Organically Made (Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice & Brown Rice Milk)
  • Low 80-160 Calorie Per Scoop
  • Up To 2 Years Of Shelf-Life In A Cool, Dry Storage (0°C / 32°F)
  • Available In Ice Cream Tub, Pint, And/Or Cup Sizes
  • MUIS Halal-Certified For Muslims


    Smoocht's Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream Overview

    Healthy ice cream and 100% vegan? Some might think it is impossible, but nothing is impossible for Smoocht. It is introducing Smoocht r’ice cream that is 100% plant-based and uses natural ingredients for the Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream.

    Many might not know that dark chocolate has lots of benefits. It has been proven that eating 100 grams of dark chocolate contains nutrients such as fibre, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese, which is good for the body. In addition, dark chocolate gets a lot more help when added together with other natural ingredients high in nutrients; it is a healthy choice for everyone to try out.

    two cones of dark chocolate ice cream in a glass

    Smoocht uses natural ingredients such as evaporated cane sugar and brown rice milk. The purpose of using evaporated cane sugar and brown rice milk is to act as a substitute for sugar and dairy to reduce lots of calories, sugar, fat and any unwanted harmful chemicals to enter the body. Vegan ice cream might have slightly different tastes, but frozen desserts are healthier than regular ice cream. To lose weight, it is a must to reduce the calorie intake, and this is why SMOOCHT ice cream is the best option if someone wants to enjoy the fresh taste of vegan gelato.

    Otherwise Known As, “It’s Getting Dark!” by Smoocht

    Also known as ice cream, It’s Getting Dark, SMOOCHT has come up with a unique name to match our extraordinary and incredible flavours. Since dark chocolate has a very dark colour, naming it something similar to dark will be the best choice. By calling the ice cream with a similar preference to the ice cream, people can quickly tell which flavour they are consuming. Besides, naming the dark chocolate ice cream makes it look more exciting to be eaten!

    a hand holding a cone with two scoops of ice cream, one in red colour and one in white

    Dark Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream As A Naturally-Made Frozen Dessert

    Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream is the product of SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd in Singapore, using plant-based ingredients and made without preservatives or manufactured colourings. All the ingredients used are 100% pure fruits, as it has no chemicals added. High-quality ingredients are prioritised to give the best nutrition to consumers.

    Raw ingredients used will be mixed and mashed into a pulp. Next, they add ingredients like dark cocoa and elements that create the dark chocolate flavour. All will then be filled in their container before proceeding with the following process.

    A Sugarless Dark Cocoa-Based Gelato

    Sugarless gelato dark chocolate ice cream is not only good for diabetic patients, but anyone who is on a diet or practising a healthy lifestyle can also enjoy SMOOCHT sugar-free ice cream. Besides, original evaporated cane sugar juice provides a significant amount of natural plant minerals and vitamins. 

    Uncapped ice cream on a brown wooden table

    Smoocht Brand As A Complete Vegan-Made Confection

    SMOOCTH Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream uses natural ingredients to encourage everyone to stay healthy while having fun enjoying the dessert anywhere, anytime. Natural cocoa fruits will be used to obtain the dark chocolate flavour. Of course, using natural ingredients means getting the same benefits as eating fruit. SMOOCTH ice cream also avoids using any artificial chemicals, no dairy or egg products and most importantly, no animal products. SMOOCHT stick to our primary goal: to provide 100% complete vegan ice cream for our consumers. Vegetarians are most welcome to enjoy this vegan ice cream! 

    Recorded As Asia’s 1st Rice-Based Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream

    Thanks to everyone’s hard work, SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd has become the first ice cream manufacturing company in Asia that is rice-based and vegan. This shows that SMOOCHT, one of the Asian countries, can come up with a new refreshing idea for bringing a healthy lifestyle to the world while trying to cope with the new environment. Organic ingredients help a lot in providing a healthy menu to everyone. 

    A hand holding a pint of ice cream and next to it is a scoop of green ice cream.

    No Border: A Frozen Food To Be Cherished By All Group Types

    Ice cream will always be your first choice to relieve stress everywhere you go. Finishing work or classes, it will feel wrong not to stop by a convenience store to buy ice cream. Ever thought about why many people treasure ice cream despite their age? This is because our body and sense of taste desire sweetness even a little. 

    Whoever you are, every ethnicity and race, can enjoy and cherish a perfectly made vegan and organic dark chocolate ice cream. SMOOCHT ice cream is to be shared among families, subordinates, classmates and many more to spread joy. Believe it or not, spreading positive vibes while enjoying a mouthful of ice cream can strengthen our bond with our allies. 

    2 women in hijab, one wearing a black headscarf, glasses, and holding an ice cream cone, and one wearing a blue and black headscarf and holding a sleeping baby and a piece of paper, while the other is holding an ice cream cone.

    Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream With One-Third Of Calorie Ingestion

    Usually, the most common ice cream found at the shop is often produced with high calories. If high sugar and fat content is not controlled, the calorie content will increase and lead to weight gain. This is not suitable for anyone who is on a diet. Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream by SMOOCHT has been made by reducing calorie intake using sugar cane juice and brown rice milk. Low-calorie intake is essential in the process of losing weight. Thus, this makes SMOOCHT Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream suitable for anyone on a diet. 

    A picture shows the calorie content of smoocht ice cream per scoop

    Rated Low-GI In Our Dark Coco Variant Of Plant-Based Ice Cream

    What is a low-glycemic index? The low-glycemic index measures the sugar intake in food or beverages. But worry not, as our Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream is a low-glycemic index. Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream contains less sugar per intake which is good to consume by everyone.  

    A picture shows the low glycemic index certified.

    Retail Instructing Guide To Divide Smoocht's Dark Chocolate Sorbet

    The pint-size container weighs 15.8oz (450g ) per pint and can get 8 scoops per pint.

    Portion size per person = 4 scoops/half a pint.

    2.82oz (80g) per small cup.

    3 types of Ice Cream packaging (Tub, pint and cup).

    Automatised Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream For Supplies Manufacturing

    Before proceeding to produce the product, everything has been done thoroughly to avoid any mistakes or low-quality products. Every worker also will undergo strict rules and guidelines such as wearing specific clothes and gloves, tying their hair and many more. This is to prevent supplies from coming in contact with human sweat, dust particles or avoided pests. 

    Step 01
    Receiving Of Materials

    We receive every raw ingredient and then will the ingredient will be checked. We will throw away rotten or bad materials. This includes checking quantity, quality and expiring dates to make sure the product is safe to use.

    Step 02

    We will filter the ingredient by weighing everything. To make sure no unreasonable quantity is added, the weighing process is important as this will lead to malfunctioning product quality.

    Step 03

    By following the procedure, all the raw ingredients will be mixed thoroughly. We added other ingredients like brown rice milk and evaporated cane sugar juice and additional ingredients. Using a high-technology machine to fasten the process.

    Step 04

    Everything will then be blended together to create a soft texture for the ice cream. We also use a high-tech machine to help in increasing the speed of the process for ice cream.

    Step 05

    Very important step, pasteurization is done by heating the blended ingredient at a high temperature to make sure every microorganism is killed. Every microorganism should be killed for food safety.

    Step 06

    This step is important too as this is done to reduce any particle to the simplest form. If there is any particle that is not fully broken, homogenization will help to break every particle to the simplest form.

    Step 07

    21 degrees celsius temperature for the cooling process. It will be done in two hours or less. This is to make sure to food is safe and to make sure the ice cream is a room temperature before proceeding to the blast-freezing process.

    Step 08
    Blast Freezing

    Cold air will be used to blast-freezing the ice cream. This method is the best as it can be done in a large amount of ice cream in just a short time.

    Step 09

    We use an automated filling machine to shorten the time. Tubs, pints and 2.5oz cups will be used to fill the ice cream.

    Step 10

    High-quality sealed will be used to avoid ice cream from rotten. All the packaging will be capped by putting a tight seal to seal the container.

    Step 11
    Metal Detector

    We scan each ice cream product to make sure none other than the ice cream ingredients is inside the container. Metal detectors play a major role to prevent damage to ice cream.

    Step 12

    We store the ice cream by following a specific storage procedure to make sure all the ice cream last long. An ideal way to store the ice cream is to place it in a low-temperature freezer.

    Step 13

    Distribution will be done once we received orders from the client. Packaging and everything will be handled by our team.

    Smoocht's Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream Certification List

    SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd prioritize these certificates to ensure every product is produced diligently by gaining public confidence in their plant-based ice cream products, comprising their Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream:

    halal Singapore logo

    MUIS’ Halal Certification

    SMOOCHT is now supplying halal vegan ice cream to Singapore. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) has given this certification to Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream products that follow every rule and guideline. 

    HACCP certified logo


    This certificate will be given once everything has undergone every process to check the hygiene and quality of the product. Then, hazard Analysis Critical Control points allow the product to be sold to the customers. By getting this certificate, rest assured that our vegan ice cream is safe to eat without worry. 

    GMP certified logo

    GMP Certified

    SMOOCHT ensures every manufacturing process is done correctly to ensure everything is consistently controlled and produced accordingly to the quality standard. In addition, everything is done to ensure the product is suitable for human consumption and is good for the environment. 

    three scoops of dark chocolate ice cream in a bowl

    Sustainable Practices With Smoocht

    Practising sustainable practices is very important for SMOOCHT. Therefore, SMOOCHT dark chocolate vegan ice cream follows the guideline properly to reduce waste, energy consumption, and the cost of every manufacturing process. 

    Confectionery Storage With Freezing Temperatures

    Since SMOOCHT’s Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream does not have any preservatives added, it uses cold temperatures as a natural preservative to maintain its freshness. Therefore, SMOOCHT’s Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream must be stored in a chilled or relaxed place like the freezer to ensure the products from damaging easily. The ideal temperature for storing this SMOOCHT sugarless ice cream is -18°C (0°F) or better if placed in a chiller than the stated temperature. If this Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream is stored correctly, it can withstand up to 24 months (2 years). 

    A picture shows 2 smoocht ice cream freezers.

    Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream's Packaging Types

    Here is the dimensions of SMOOCHT (M) Sdn Bhd’s Dark Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream. Available in tubs, pints and 2.5 oz cups.

    •   Packing: 4 tubs per carton
    •   Total cartons: 730 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 730 cartons @ 4 tubs each = 2920 tubs
    •   Net weight: 2920 tubs @ 4.5kg (158 oz) = 13140kg (28968.74 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 14000kg (30864.72 lbs)
    •   Carton measurement: 36.7 x 34.2 x 28.1cm (14.45 x 13.46 x 11.06 inch)
    •   Packing: 24 pints per carton
    •   Total cartons: 930 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 930 cartons @ 24 pints each = 22320 pints
    •   Net weight: 22320 pints @ 450g (15.87 oz)  = 10044kg (22143.23 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 11000kg (24250.85 lbs)
    •   Carton meast: 40.6 x 30.6 x 22.5cm (15.98 x 12.05 x 8.86 inch)
    2.5oz cups
    •   Packing: 96 cups per carton
    •   Total cartons: 950 cartons
    •   Total quantity: 950 cartons @ 96 cups each = 91200 cups
    •   Net weight: 91200 cups @ 80g (2.82 oz) = 7296kg (16084.93 lbs)
    •   Gross weight: 8300kg (18298.37 lbs)
    •   Carton meast: 43.3 x 28.8 x 21.8cm (17.05 x 11.34 x 8.58 inch)

    Shipping Smoocht's Vegetarian Ice Creams

    A 1 x 20 feet container (height: 2.59m), (width: 2.9m) and (length: 2.44m) is the minimum order client can make. It can fit around 25,000kg (about 55,115.5 pounds) in one container. However, customers can still bargain with our supplier to order at least 1 x pallet (following USA standard pallet sizes which are 101.6cm (about 3.33 feet) x 121.9cm (about 4 feet) and 106.7cm (about 3.5 feet) x 106.7cm) as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load). This is done to avoid any zero profit gained from the supplier because of the small quantity purchased by the customers.

    20 feet container with few smaller boxes


    What is vegan chocolate ice cream made of?

    Vegan chocolate ice cream is made of two main ingredients which are evaporated sugar cane juice and brown rice milk. These two act as substitutes for dairy and sugar.

    Does dark chocolate ice cream exist?

    Yes, it does, SMOOCHT is now offering dark chocolate vegan ice cream to everyone. Dark chocolate vegan ice cream is 60% fewer calories than normal ice cream out there. SMOOCHT uses natural ingredients and is plant-based ice cream.

    What is dark chocolate ice cream made of?

    Dark chocolate ice cream is made of dairy products such as eggs. It also contains sugar and preservatives. But for SMOOCHT, we offer 100% vegan ice cream which uses natural ingredients as the main ingredients. SMOOCHT vegan ice cream is way healthier than common ice cream out there.

    Does dark chocolate ice cream have dairy?

    Usually, common ice cream found at the shop near our house uses dairy products to make dark chocolate ice cream but not for SMOOCHT. We use 100% plant-based and natural ingredients such as evaporated sugar cane and brown rice milk as the base which is way healthier. People on diet can rest assured as our dark chocolate vegan ice cream is suitable for them.

    Is vegan ice cream healthier than regular ice cream?

    Absolutely correct! Vegan ice cream is healthier than regular ice cream because vegan ice cream contains 60% fewer calories intake than regular ice cream. Besides, vegan ice cream uses natural ingredients such as brown rice milk and evaporated sugar cane juice as the base.

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