Vegan Ice Cream

We take animal produce out in order to make Smoocht’s vegan ice creams. Now being one of Singapore’s most popular desserts, come and browse through a gelato-manufacturing catalogue filled with plant-based sundae available for selection, as well as bulk purchase for your restaurant dine-in solutions.

3 flavours of Smoocht's ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawbery)
A scoop of ice cream made with brown rice and cane juice

Smoocht Is Asia’s First, Rice-Based Vegan Ice Cream

A swirl of confectionery surveying and thorough search of newfound gelato supplying angle was done. The outcome is Smoocht Sdn Bhd’s production being the first Asian company in the making of vegan ice creams – through the use of organic brown rice milk and by the capturing of evaporated cane juice. Your sundae is now guilt-free for the lavish of Singaporeans enjoyment.


All About Naturally-Made Vegan Confectionary

All produce is mother nature provided, and is therefore taken into Smoocht’s confectionery production. It’s in our stride to be completely naturally-made, and Smoocht shall live by our ideals in following non-artificial making of healthy vegan ice creams.


Smoocht's Plant-Based Gelato As Featured In The Media

Achieving recognition wasn’t an aim our plant-based gelato niche focuses on, albeit from the by-product of our vegan ice cream journey (and work) did the triumph to be appreciated became felt. Smoocht is now proud to say that we’re seen in a variety of news outlets for a storied frozen dessert tale.

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A group of people who enjoy Smoocht's ice cream

Our Ice Cream Tub Serves 8 Customer Pint In Serving

Our frozen dessert tubs are designed to fulfill a bunch – and up to eight pints of vegan ice creams for walk-ins’ serving. The fortunate laughter, joys and smiles are what makes Smoocht strive for, seeing that tasting for gelato is the best way in bringing people together.

Our Current Vegan Ice Cream List

Put your retail pit-stop (and/or even restaurants) in leverage by introducing a cooling treat when it’s scorching outside. We live under the heat of the equator, and what’s better other than a plant-based sherbet to quench your thirst? And only so delicious can be said, with low-calorie count makes Smoocht’s vegan ice cream a yummy dessert to be sought in high priority by foodies.


What ingredients are in Smoocht's vegan ice cream?

The majority of commercial vegan ice creams are prepared with soy, almond, or coconut milk. Nothing in any of those bases is derived from an animal. They are all derived from plants. Yet, if gelato is prepared with coconut milk but includes eggs, it is not plant-based sorbet because it still contains dairy. However, in the case of SMOOCHT's dairy-free sundae, organic brown rice milk is used to produce the soft serve.

Are artificial sweeteners used in Smoocht's plant-based confectionery?

Of course not! SMOOCHT's vegan ice cream is made without artificial sweeteners or synthetic additives. To your knowledge, all of our plant-based gelato flavours use organic evaporated cane juice as a seasoning.

  • Our rice-based confection uses organic cane juice instead of artificial sweeteners since it's better for you and can build bones, bolster the immune system, and improve digestion. Additionally, vegetarian sundae with cane syrup has no saturated or animal fats, making it a naturally low-cholesterol, low-sodium diet.
What makes Smoocht's vegan ice cream worth trying?

SMOOCHT strives to provide Singaporeans with the purest, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, sustainably created ingredients vegan ice cream that tastes nothing less than creamy, dreamy, full-on-flavour-amazing, with no compromise on pleasure, health, or the environment.

  • Since the gelato is dairy-free, the Jurong East neighbourhood should taste SMOOCHT's plant-based gelato. Our rice-based sundae typically promotes lower cholesterol levels than frozen sweets using cow's milk and cream.
Is vegan ice cream from Smoocht suitable for diabetics?

SMOOCHT plant-based gelato is a Low-Glycemic Index (GI) treat since it doesn't include white sugar, which is something we want to point out to our clients. Our vegan ice cream is a better choice for maintaining stable blood sugar levels because low GI sorbet tends to break down more gradually and is less likely to trigger a fast surge in blood sugar levels than high GI frozen dessert. However, before consuming the confection, we strongly advise you to see a doctor. 

Is the emptied packaging of Smoocht's vegan ice creams recyclable?

Without a doubt, yes! Everything we do is based on sustainability. We have sustainably developed our company, for example, by using recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging for all of our vegan ice cream products.