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The Smoocht Story

Launched in 2010, we are formally recognised as a retail ice cream shop, which later transformed into a vegan ice cream supplier that is based in the district of Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Fast forward to today, we are still working to better our business ventures by creating more retail stores, retail vending, and online sales.

Our Confectionery Goals

Our Vision

To bring a piece of hope and a pint of joy by supplying ice creams to the four corners of the earth.

Our team members, working together
Smoocht's ice cream

Our Mission

To transition into a confectionery production just so SMOOCHT’s brand is felt everywhere.

Core Management

Ong Khai Chien, both our founder and managing director, has led the way for Asian expansion, which is in ASEAN and China. He is also responsible for R&D, Market Dev, Partnerships, as well as Business Analysis. 
Our founder, Ong Khai Chien
Founder & Managing Director
Ong Khai Chien
Yong Yoek Ling, our co-founder and chief of training has invented a training curriculum on the subject of manufacturing and franchise management. She was also a Harvard graduate student with a Master's in education.
Our co-founder and chief training, Yong Yoek Ling
Co- Founder & Chief Training
Yong Yoek Ling

Manufacturing Processes

Our ice cream goes through certain processes to ensure its longevity such as mechanical processing, and utilization of high-quality machines, which helps us in our processes of:

1. Receiving the raw material

2. Weighing the products

3. Mixing the raw ingredients

4. Blending the raw materials

5. Pasteurization

6. Homogenization

7. Cooling the products

8. Blast freezing

9. Filling the tubs, pints, and cups

10. Capping the container

11. Metal detector

12. Storage to ensure the ice cream last longer

13. Distribution

Sustainability Movement

We believe in protecting our environment and that everyone including us in SMOOCHT must have sustainable practices. We utilize glass, tinted glass and metal cups. We also use paper and compostable for takeaways.

Smoocht's ice cream

Corporate Partners


Business-to-Business marketing, or B2B as it is more popularly called, has a notoriety for only identifying permitted brands. As a consequence, any respectable organization can see all of a company’s product manufacturing or production through the corporate catalogue, which supports high-quality goods. SMOOCHT is delighted to be classified as an eTrade Supplier by DagangHalal.

Visually-Impaired Friendly Website

We present a visually impaired-friendly website featuring alt text to aid individuals who are blind, possess short sight, or who are colour blind. The alt text only provides necessary details while faithfully documenting the image’s subject matter. It primarily matters how the image is being used in connection to the facts evaluated.

The representation of our products, for our colour-blind friends

Smoocht's Milestones


In the same year, we are also the first retail outlet in Singapore to cater to growing customer demand.


In 2015, we are also the second outlet to offer a full kitchen set up on East Coast Road, Singapore.


In 2016, we introduced new management and revamped our branding and marketing by launching new brands smoocht, OBG, and Comello.


In 2017, we launched our third outlet at Jurong East.


During the same year, we also strategized for China and Asia expansion.


In 2017, we were also invited to local and regional food expo.


The following year, we receive factory set up and licensing in Malaysia.


In 2018, we were chosen for China International Import Expo.

Our Available Certifications

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MUI’s Halal certification

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HACCP certification

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GMP certification